Snow storm

The garden must be prepared for winter. Trees cleared and the plants for spring, the snowdrops, planted by the sexy gardener with his feline and lithe body.

Not only the garden is ready for a turn of the horny gardener
He seduces me with his physical work. I watch him in a transparent nightgown and knock on the half-opened window: “Would you like a drink?” The perspiration trickles down on his muscles. At the kitchen table I smell the animal masculine smell and my pussy starts to make me feel restless.

He takes me wildly on the kitchen table
I look at him piercingly and my eyes undress him. Suddenly he stands behind my seat and turns me around and starts kissing me with his tongue deep inside me. His tongue slides all over my body. My nipples are hard and my pussy is asking for him. Before I know it I am on the table and he is pressing his swollen member into me. Fucking wildly and panting, he takes me. His hot, horny cum runs out of me along the table legs.

My husband thinks I am pregnant with him, but the horny gardener has sown the seed and he is allowed to make things right again next spring. It will be a summer baby and every time I look in the cradle I see the gardener…

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