The shadow

Walking through the forest on my way to the sandy plain, I see a man in the shadow next to me on the path.

Horny in nature
Startled, I look back and look straight into his eyes. He is half undressed and sweaty and the masculine scent in combination with nature really excites me. Together we walk on and I talk to hello and hi. It is not about anything and we observe each other talking. Excited by his muscle mass, I fantasize about his fucking power. Would he get me ready? It looks like it does.

Feelings of lust begin to well up in me. I want to feel that feline, limber body. The dome is close by and I am thinking of luring it in there. I say, “I know a place to rest, are you coming?” I think: walk along, walk along and of course he walks along.

Animal desires
I lie down on the moss and he touches my ass and I touch his. An instinctive and animalistic desire becomes master of me and I surrender to his horniness. I thoroughly enjoy his penetration. We love each other wildly and panting … Afterwards we are staring exhausted at the sky and we are one with nature.

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