A nice day

I looked at the pitiful little pile that sat on the floor in front of Me. He was kneeling and his head was hanging down. “Look at me,” I said imperiously. Carefully he lifted his head and raised his eyes to Me. “What’s going on, puppy?” He opened his mouth, licked his lips and said; “Ma’am, I’m so ashamed” I gestured with my hand to tell him further. “Last night, Madam, I was in bed and I got excited.” He said it in a tone as if it had never happened before. “As far as I know, puppy, you are a very horny little man, so why should I look up to this?” “Madam” he said hesitantly, “I got horny with a certain thought”

I started to lose my temper a little and tapped his belly with the tip of My black high pump and said, “Yes, and that was?” He turned red and stammered at the idea that he was lying on his stomach on the bed, half asleep, and he heard his bedroom door open. I started to smile, shifted in my seat for a moment, and put one foot on his lap. “Keep telling me, but in the meantime you can massage my calf and do it carefully! Tell on ”

He said that the door opened gently and that soon after he felt a gentle caress over his buttocks. Without warning, he felt a smooth firm cock slide between his buttocks and press against his hole. “Did he come in to you?” I asked with an amused smile. “No, ma’am, luckily not, you should know that I am still a virgin there.” I saw that his cock reacted to the thought that had suddenly occurred to him last night. I laughed hard to see how he was sitting there… with a red head and a stiff cock. Next to Me, on a small table I had some things, including a nice sturdy purple vibrator.

I commanded him to turn around, keep his back to Me, stay on my hands and knees, and put his head on the floor. I saw his white ass in full glory, ready for Me. I kicked out a pump and briefly slid my bare foot along his balls. Carefully I let my toes go down from the top of his buttock seam and said with a smile “It’s going to be a beautiful day today”

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